Valve Actuator Repair and Overhaul


For our valued clients that are considering lowering their footprint, lowering emissions, saving money
and are interested in re-cycling and re-using their actuators, we offer overhaul and repair services for
all hydraulic and pneumatic actuators that deserve a second life.
All actuators will be functionally and leak tested, and if required we can include for a torque test as
well. A standard warranty on the repair/overhaul is 12 months.
Re-use or re-purposing actuators is infinitely better than re-cycling, saving on raw materials on a
global scale, therefore we offer in our secondhandshop a small variety of refurbished actuators that
otherwise would have been scrapped. We also could be interested in buying your otherwise scrapped
on/off actuators. Please contact us for the possibilities.

Ronald de Jong
Sales Director





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