Since 2008, the Lybover Group has been focusing on 3D scanning technology. With the fastest scanning technology of 2 million points per second, we bring your environment to life. This data is processed automatically and serves as the basis for further output. Lybover can provide dimensions, details or other output within 24 hours. The point cloud can also be used with free software applications that we are happy to install at your premises and provide training for.

Lybover is glad to provide support for all your engineering tasks that have an optimum start by means of 3D scanning and achieve an efficient result very quickly.

Scan to BIM (Building Information Model)
A 3D scan can be quickly integrated into a BIM environment. It serves as a basis for your project and can be custom modelled to the most suitable format. Lybover can, via Revit, process scans into a BIM model.

Industry 4.0 in your company
Digitize your infrastructure and installations so that they are always available in the most appropriate form. Lybover wants to be your partner in preparing new investment projects or daily management of your infrastructure.

Lybover manages your scanned environment and delivers floor plans or cross-sections for your projects in no time. Investments in software and data storage are no longer your concern. We are also happy to help you get started with training on how to extract simple data from your point clouds under our own management.

Contact us and find out how Lybover can make a difference through 3D scanning and engineering.

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