You see steam, we see Natural Technology…


Steam is a widely known and trusted medium, both in nature as in our daily lives.
But also in various and important industries, this extraordinary medium is a highly efficient tool – for example in the food and beverage industry, healthcare and the oil and gas industry. Steam is an indispensable step in our path to a sustainable future. The word “steam” is simply too small to encompass all its fantastic properties. Steam is a natural technology.

Why is steam a natural technology?

Steam is essential. It possesses several properties that no other liquid can match: steam has a high energy density, which allows it to store energy in a compact way. In addition, this heat or energy can be efficiently transferred by bringing it in contact with heating surfaces or directly with the product. Steam flows automatically, without the need for pumping. After use, only water is left behind, which can be reused. In addition, steam installations can be compact, and precise temperature control can be achieved with the use of steam.

In short: an indispensable ‘Natural Technology’ – find out more on our Natural Technology website!


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