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Pieralisi is a worldwide operating company with headquarter and production centre at Jesi (It). The activities are orientated specifically towards the production of mechanical extractors for the separation of solids from liquids or liquids from liquids with a different specific weight. (decanter, centrifuges and separators)
Headquarter and highly sophisticated production centre is situated in Jesi – Italy.
Pieralisi Benelux BV is situated in Berkel en Rodenrijs (the Netherlands) and is responsible for worldwide industrial sales in 24 countries. Done by a network of 35 agents. The vast experience in the complex extraction sector has spurred Pieralisi on to employ centrifugal force for production processes in various divisions of the food and industrial sectors. Centrifuges have become the driving force behind the development of the whole group. Today the Pieralisi group is an integrated system of manufacturing, marketing, financial and service companies that generate a turnover of over 200 million Euro’s.
Over 35.000 centrifuges have been installed in five continents for an extremely wide range of applications. With a production of 1100 decanter centrifuges Pieralisi will be a kingpin in the world market of centrifugal machines.
We are specialized in the following industries:

• Biotechnology
• Dewatering (different industries)
• Chemical industry
• Food & fruits industry
• Oil & Gas industry
• Textile industry
• Municipal WWTP
• Tank cleaning
• Manure
• Digested sludge
• Waste water
• Power plant waste water
• Slaughterhouses
• Cruise ships

In short: Pieralisi provides the technologic means for all processes involving centrifugal force for dewatering or separation.




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