Hanwel Belgium nv

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Hanwel Belgium NV, a subsidiary of Indutrade Benelux, was founded in 1972 and has since developed into a reliable supplier in the field of piping components for the Belgian industry.

Our product range includes:
– U-bolts, pipe shoes, clamping guides, PTFE sliding supports, vibration dampers
– Lisega spring supports (variable, constant)
– Industrial rubber hoses
– Stenflex expansion bellows (metal, rubber, fabric)
– PTFE lined pipes
– Valves (cryogenic, high pressure, high temperature, sanitary; Habonim ball valves, Lohse knife gate valves, butterfly valves, damper valves)
– Pneumatic actuators

Thanks to the flexible attitude of our employees, we can offer each client the best possible support.


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