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Barriquand Technologies Thermiques is a Designer and Manufacturer of Wide Gap Welded Plate Heat Exchangers (smart Hybrid HX).

Barriquand units have found acceptance as small or large Process Reactor Condensers or Process Fluids Heaters/Coolers in various Processes (Chemical, Hydrogen Peroxyde, Polymer, Fertilizer, Pharmaceutical, Food Industry …).

They can be Wide Gap, All Welded Plate-Pack Heat Exchangers made of thick stainless steel sheets (1,5 or 2 mm) and are consequently robust, compact and extremely easy to clean (mechanically or chemically).

Its unique proprietary design can accommodate the use of different utility streams into one Single Large Multi-Streams Condenser or Heater/Cooler.

The main technical features are:

• Clear free flow channels with generous spacing when required
• Easy cleaning with access to heat transfer area through hinged access covers – No need to remove bulky connection pipes and nozzles
• Large size available up to 1400 m² in one piece
• Truly custom-built solution to ease integration in existing plants
• Robust and maintenance free and long lasting equipment made from stainless steel

The Barriquand Platular® is completely modulable in order to optimize your process.




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