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AVK Belgium, your valve expert for industrial applications
When it comes to transporting and regulating liquids, gases and bulk as safely as possible, valves and regulating devices play a decisive role. Our many years of experience in designing and manufacturing durable valves prove that we can act as an international solutions provider for the most demanding applications and projects. Engineers, project and maintenance managers in the industrial and municipal sector rely on high quality AVK valves.

A full range of international brands
AVK Belgium, subsidiary of the Danish AVK Group, is a market leader in valves and hydrants. We offer the full range of AVK Group brands, including, but not limited to, AC.MO, Cyl, Glenfield, I.C. Valves, InterApp, TEC Artec, World Valve and Wouter Witzel for the Belgian and Luxembourg market.

Complete product range
Our product range covers a broad range of valve types, such as, among others: butterfly valves, knife gate valves, gate valves, fire hydrants, check valves, air valves, ball valves, needle valves, penstocks and accessories. With in-house R&D, production and testing facilities, AVK guarantees reliable products that exceed the highest standards in the market.

Integrated solutions
We offer a solution portfolio for the industrial and municipal sectors that is among the most comprehensive in the world. With the combined expertise of all AVK Group members we are able to provide integrated solutions from a single source.

For all industrial applications
Through technical consultation and investigation, we offer a complete solution package, customized to your needs and your industry with the expertise and full support of the family owned, worldwide operating AVK Group.




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